What is HouseLink Rentals?

Houselink rentals is an integrated, end-to-end online platform for finding commercial and residential homes in Kenya. If you’re a homeowner or a realtor, HouseLink rentals is the place to showcase your products/services and grow your business in bounds. With a very vibrant team of marketers and a customer-tailored website, we increase your chances of getting tenants to move into your vacant houses. The time for brick and mortar ways of finding tenants move to your houses are over, technology has simplified things. Houselink rentals is the most innovative and cost-effective website to channel your services.

Major towns like Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu etc are made up of productive working citizens and house hunting can be cumbersome. We at HouseLink Rentals understand the stress that looking for a commercial or residential home gives you. With this concern in mind, we’ve just simplified your life a great deal, you just relocate at the comfort of your office/workplace using a phone or computer. After thoroughly understanding the needs of our customers, HouseLink gives house hunters a free, easy-to-use platform to search for any kind of a house.

Why choose HouseLink rentals over traditional means?

Houselink is the long-awaited savior of house hunters and realtors altogether. I bet moving from estate to another without avail isn’t the best experience for you. If you feel frustrated by such painful experience, you’re not alone, we have you at heart. In a nutshell, below are the few benefits of using HouseLink rentals;


  • Because we share experiences, we know the pain, time it cost and energy it drains you to look for rental house/shop in town.
  • You want things done with minimal hassle; we have the house of your dreams to choose from the variety of properties we have on our site.
  • Time; time is a free resource but impossible to recover when lost. We mind your precious and productive time that can be channeled to improve yourself and your relationships.
  • It is free to search for a house using HouseLink rentals. You don’t pay a dime while surfing through our site or making any inquiries from our support, IT IS FREE.
  • No closing hours; our website is available 24/7 and you can search for a house any moment anywhere. We’ve broken the time and geographical boundaries for you.
  • You don’t require sophisticated gadgets because a smartphone is enough for you to get our services.


The time for joy has come dear agents/landlord. Have you ever wondered how you can reach as many people as possible, in the least time possible and in the most efficient and cheap way possible? It is time to extend and tap into the marvelous world of technology. This is why HouseLink rentals is right for you;

  • Unlimited cheap advertising platform; We at HouseLink rentals accommodate everyone from a single add to you who have thousands of houses. Have you ever advertised 100 houses on a newspaper on a single day? The answer is impossible and if it was indeed possible, it will suck your last penny.
  • Have you imagined how it would feel knowing your listings are somewhere safe and can be viewed from anywhere in the world? That’s the magic HouseLink rentals can do and its very simple, just capture the high-quality images, input the details of location and prices, then share with us.
  • 24/7 customer support; if you experience any hitch at any point of our service, we’re here to sort you out in the most professional and convenient way possible.
  • Grow your business; We at HouseLink rentals precisely understand your business needs and we offer you the best platform to brand your company profile. We help you deliver quality service to clients and in the process create a broad network and that’s the heart of every business.
  • Saves your time that you use to market yourself in that estate and we open new doors of opportunity for you. Huge traffic of customers that any vacant room will have occupants.
  • Easy real-estate management; you will be able to trace all your properties from the comfort of your phone; that’s why we’re here to lighten your burden and give the best experience of doing business.
  • Creating an account is free and the good news is that you are the administrator of that account, having all the privileges of managing the account.

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